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Girl Time Inc.


Girl Time Inc. is for women who are looking for a place to belong; for a place to meet and develop new friendships, to collaborate, live a healthy & active lifestyle, grow individually through inspirational meetings, net giving opportunities, and for women who are wanting to participate in socials and activities that fit their interests.

Girl Time Inc. is a social club, a Kula, for women who are investing in their own time and are wanting to connect with other like-minded women who can fill up their cups with love, support, and pure fabulous fun. It is all about community, connections and collaborations for women.

What You'll Find Here

Girl Time Inc. operates and meets the needs and wants through two types of memberships; The Every Day Member & Member + (Members who are also women in business). They plan socials, events and activities through five sub-categories: Health & Fitness, Socials & Events, Inspire & Empower, Self-Love & Wellness and Leading Ladies.

Memberships have their privileges and a membership with Girl Time Inc. offers plenty of value:

  • Welcoming Community

  • Access to the Private Membership Portal

  • Healthy Lifestyle: Events/Activities focused on MIND, BODY & Heart

  • EASE & Speed: Convenient Social Calendar with a variety of events, activities, and socials.

  • Connection: Promotions, coupons, and discounts to Local partnering businesses/services in the community that save you money

  • Collaborations: Something for all interests in the five subcategories

  • Exclusive: MP Rates, 1st in Line & created for you (Members receive a discounted rate for any event, social and/or activities with additional fees)

  • Inclusive: Bring a Friend opportunities & vouchers to share in the fun

  • Community Giveback~ 1% of membership – in full – goes back into the community to support a local charity annually

The Member + membership is for women in business and focuses on meeting their entrepreneurial as well as their personal needs and wants. It is tailored for female entrepreneurs who are also looking to be a part of a community, to feel the support of having a platform that showcases their business, that provides the direct link to a targeted audience, that offers collaboration opportunities in combination with all of the privileges of being an Everyday Member too.

Where To Find Us

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